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  • Jon Rivers

Your Social Media Profiles Are the Face of Your Company – Make Them Count!

Never underestimate the value of social media profiles. It pays to put your best foot forward.

For starters, let’s look at the numbers.

  • Facebook: 1.59 Billion monthly active users

  • Twitter: 319 Million monthly active users

  • LinkedIn: More than 500 Million members

By contrast, how many contacts receive your email messages on a monthly basis? How many people visit your Web site every month? Denying the power of social media is like denying climate change. To deny the former would be a blatant disregard of the statistics. To deny the latter would be to refute the preponderance of the scientific evidence to the contrary.

When typical business users or consumers wants to know more about your company, they’ll head straight to your Web site. However, studies indicate that the average Web site visit lasts less than one minute. If after that first minute they’re still interested in learning more about you, hopefully they’ll click on one or more of your prominent (hopefully again!) social media icons to see what you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These windows into who you are and what you do can be even more engaging than your Web site.

Think about how much content on your Web site a visitor could possibly read in a minute or less. Then think about how many Tweets they could peruse in a minute or less. I looked at a colleague’s Twitter page and was able to scan/scroll through 26 tweets and get a pretty good idea about what her company does and what technology trends she follows. Hooray for 140 characters!

Twitter is like haiku. It’s all about saying more with less.

A major advantage of social media is their contribution to your search engine ranking. The same is NOT true for email marketing campaigns. Social media, however, can be used to further promote your email campaigns, as well as your blogs, events, eBooks, videos…

Let’s say, for example, that on average 1,000 people a month visit your Web site, of which 200 visit your blog. Then you tweet your blog out to your 1,000 Twitter followers. Then you post a link to that blog on Facebook where you have 200 friends and on LinkedIn where you have 1500 contacts. The original 200 views to your blog now have the potential to be seen by another 2,700 people, people who chose to connect with you on your social media platforms. And that doesn’t count any retweets or other shares you might be fortunate to receive.

This is how successful social media marketing campaigns are built, taking your content and spreading it all over the Web. Think about how unappetizing that slice of white bread looks until you’ve spread it liberally with peanut butter and jelly! What a difference a little spread makes.

If your social media profiles are neither engaging nor informative nor reflective of what you do best, you’ve lost the game before you even stepped up to bat.  

By now you’ve probably had enough of my baseball, peanut butter and climate change analogies. So let’s cut to the chase. How can Marketing Monarchs help you win the game?

We can and will:

  • Plan and execute a winning social media strategy

  • Edit, re-write and polish your social media profiles

  • Ghost write your blogs

  • Increase your following on your social media platforms

  • Enhance brand awareness and trust

  • Drive Web site traffic

  • Improve your search engine rankings with expert SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Let’s chat! Email: or Call: 617-256-6178.



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