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Social Media Management

New Thinking that Drives Marketing Results

Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

Keeping your B2B brand active and engaged on social media is not for the faint of heart. We’ll do the heavy lifting to make it easier. 

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Our Social Media Management Plans make it less time-consuming and complex to...


Manage your social media

We can grow your social media presence by proactively managing your social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. And you don’t have to lift a finger! 

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Create engaging content

Let us create eye-catching social media posts your followers will love.

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Schedule posts in advance

Let us schedule your daily, weekly, or monthly brand's social media posts on your multiple profiles in advance so you never lose momentum.

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Gain more insights

Monthly social insight reports comparing clicks, engagements, impressions, and what content is driving your best results.

We relieve the stress of managing your social presence

If you're looking for help with content or social media, we can provide it. Add one of our dedicated Social Media Managers who understands your industry and social media to drive results!

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We are here to make sure your company stands out in today's market!
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DCI is grateful to Marketing Monarchs for enhancing the learning experiences of the User Group communities through their social marketing and for growing their user group social reach within the community.

~ Janet Lampert - President and COO

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