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  • Jon Rivers

Directions North America | Social Selling, Video, and Social Media Workshops

I’m excited to be presenting one session at the Directions North America 2018 conference and joining Karen Tran of ChargeLogic and Trish Boccuti of Fastpath as a panelist of experts for another session. Here’s a helpful guide to understanding more about those sessions. (And if you’re unable to attend Directions, make sure to contact us and find out about our other workshop options).

Getting Started with Social Selling or trying to get the most out Video and Social Media

Whether you’re just starting your journey with Social Selling, or wanting to understand it more, the Social Selling session is designed for sales and marketing roles.  

Are you see looking to implement video in your marketing, still don’t think Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube is the right place for your business or trying to get better results, this panel session is the one to join if you are in marketing, sales and leadership roles.

Here are details about the sessions.

Select Your Session and Add to Your Agenda

Pick the session that is right for you or join all of them.

PB004: 10 Quick Steps to get you started with Social Selling & Stepping up your revenues

Abstract: Despite what you may have heard social media can be used for selling. Social selling techniques empower salespeople to leverage the technology of social media to help with the human connections between sales and their prospects to engage, drive and convert more business. In the session, we will cover some of the best practices that the most successful sellers are using today including how to get started and use social selling in your business. Partners will walk away with the necessary steps to understanding what social selling is and how to get started in using it in their business.

Monday October 1st 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM | Nautilus 4

PTH07: The power of Video & Social Media. Preparing for the millennial on-slaught

Abstract: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wistia, YouTube. As a B2B partner, you might think these channels aren’t the right place for your business, but you are wrong. Join this panel to see which social channels you should be focusing on, as well as how video should be part of your marketing plan.

Tuesday October 2nd 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM | Seabreeze 1 & 2

Hope to see you there in San Diego!

And feel free to contact me with any questions about the content of these sessions, or to ask about other Social Selling and Social Media workshop options if you'd like.



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