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  • Jon Rivers

ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketing Monarchs adds “LinkedIn as a Services” to its offerings

When partners come to us looking for advice, it’s using around helping them utilize and maximize their social media strategies.

What we find is that includes utilizing Facebook, Twitter and building content to fill their blogs to promote their business.

Now what we found that makes us stand out from the competition is the way we utilize LinkedIn.

We don’t just post a message on the company page occasionally, we do more than that. We look to help companies build creditability in the industry as well help build them build industry experts within their organizations. What this does, is it gives prospective buyers and existing clients a trusted adviser to turn to when they are looking for solutions.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool with lots of bells and whistle so decided to launch a new service called “LinkedIn as a Service” which will focus on those features and benefits. Take a look at the offering below:

Call us at 617 256 6178 or email me directly at to get you set up.  



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