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  • Jon Rivers

20 Hashtags every Sage Intacct Partners Should Know for 2018

Did you know every day there are around 200 million tweets being pushed out? How do you stand a chance of making sure your message is seen? Well, it is important you know the right hashtags you should be attaching to your messages when you are posting your messages so that your prospects see them.

For starters, what is a hashtag?

For those of us who are still navigating the world of social media and still understanding the terminology out let’s explain what a hashtag is. Basically, a hashtag lets you label/categorize your message making it similar and quicker for your prospective audience to find your message in the sea of messages on Twitter.

A good example, let’s say we search for the hashtag #SageIntacct on Twitter. What would we get back is messages/conversation talking about Sage Intacct and more likely the products available. Now we also see hashtags utilized on other sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram But that’s a topic for another day.

So, when you’re crafting your messages be mindful to add appropriate hashtags to your messages and in some cases, there may be multiple. But don’t overdo it! We recommend that you try to limit to 2 to 3 hashtags per message.

And another key point when adding hashtags is to try and focus them with regards to your audience. For example, let’s say you are trying target Non-Profit and Manufacturing companies then it is better to craft two messages each targeting the appropriate audience. When you do this you are becoming more personal which is likely to better engage your audience.

20 Hashtags every Sage Intacct Partners Should Know for 2018 <click to tweet>

#Adv18Sage Intacct Advantage (We are guessing based on #Adv17 was used in 2017)

#ESPodcast - Enterprise Software Podcast where Bob McAdam, Todd McDaniel, Darcy Boerio, and others talk about all things about enterprise software, news, views, reviews, and interviews


#VAR – Partner (Value Added Reseller)

#CFO – Chief Finance Officer

#NonProfit – Use this when talking to Non-Profit organizations

#Accounting - Accounting

#QuickBooks – Everything related to QuickBooks. Use if you are targeting users

#Finance - Finance

#Blockchain – Everything to do with Blockchain

#Cloud – Source for cloud computing news

#ERP – ERP news and information

#STEM – STEM (Science, Technology, English, Math)

#AI – Artificial Intelligence

#MSDynGP – Microsoft Dynamics GP

If we are missing any Hashtags please feel to drop me an email and I will gladly update this blog.



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