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  • Jon Rivers

Why You Need Video Marketing in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Modern business team discussing strategy while filming staff meeting in the board room - Video Strategy

Video marketing has changed the way businesses have to think about their online strategies. Everywhere you look, there is video footage that talks about anything and everything. How to run a channel partner. Learn more about the company video on their website. Need help in fixing that particular issue? Head to YouTube and type in what you need, and you can bet you will find a video you need.

Since we saw the shift from desktop to mobile, we also saw an increase in video production to we can connect the two. Our attention spans are becoming less and less, so we are always looking for content at the palm of our hands. Additionally, digital technology no longer comes along with the Hollywood budget requirements as the tools to create video have been slashed. With all this, the opportunities are enormous when it comes to engaging with the audience with this type of content.

How has Video Marketing changed Content Marketing?

My definition of Content Marketing is the creation of developing material that engages combined with a strategic distribution strategy to reach the right audience being targeted. In today's world video is one of the most preferred types of content that audiences like to engage with. When a business understands this, that means they are listening to their audience and will incorporate more videos into their overall content strategy.

Don’t just take my word for it; look at the various statistics we have incorporated within this blog from multiple sources to show the importance of video marketing. These statistics were not to shock or even surprise you but more to say that in 2020 you can not continue to ignore that your audience wants to interact with you via video as well.

An Insider View of Video Marketing

Picture of Titu Sarder, President and CEO of Learning Library TV (LLTV)

Recently, we asked a few questions to Titu Sarder, President and CEO of Learning Library TV (LLTV), a content development company for both corporate and academic media.

Q: What type of video is the most effective for gaining engagement?

A: “There is a story to tell about everything, but the key is finding the right way to tell it, so it engages your audience. Sometimes that can be by answering a commonly asked question, or by offering insights to industry knowledge, or by simply entertaining them. It's all about understanding your audience and bringing the right videos to them that they want to watch.”

Q: Does Video Marketing affect SEO results?

A: “100% Yes, videos included in your digital marketing strategy will have a positive effect on your SEO and help you increase the ranking of your pages with search engines. As a search engine notices you have quality content, your site has a more considerable chance of being shown in the search results. But don’t just add the video to your webpage and do nothing else, make sure you drive traffic to the page(s) utilizing social media as well.”

Q: Where are the best places on my website to use video?

A: “We’ve found that adding videos to your product description pages, case studies, how-to’s, and about us pages are an excellent starting place. Actually, there is no limit to where you add videos to your website as long they are built purposely for the content of the page, and they will engage the audience.”

Q: How long do you recommend a video to be?

A: “From our experience, videos that are two minutes and under typically get the most engagement. Sometimes a longer video is necessary, but the two-minute mark seems to be the sweet spot for most cases. And if there is a lot of content to share, we recommend breaking it up into separate videos that are shorter and more easily viewable by people on the go.”

How do you get started with Video Marketing?

To get started, simply look around and take inventory of the videos you currently have or possibly could develop. After that, the next steps will be to work out what videos are usable, where you can put them that will give you the best way to engage your targeted audience.

As with all marketing just posting the video isn’t the finish line; you still need to make sure you measure the performance of the video. Continuing to review and analyze your results will allow you to fine-tune your video marketing strategy that drives views and gets your audience to engage with your business.

If you feel you still need assistance with Video marketing or how you start sharing your videos today, contact us at Marketing Monarchs and we will help you straight away. Feel free to call or email us today!



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