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  • Jon Rivers

Why Millennials Matter When Selling Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Millennials make up over 54 million of the adult Americans population, and they are aged between 20 and 38 years old approximately. That’s a whopping third of the American workforce, the largest generation at work.

Millennials at a business table

If we were to break that down further, we could honestly say that the age group between 35-38 are probably already in senior decision-making roles, if that is for a company, helping a family business with their technology decisions or already taking over their family businesses. This latter research was proved recently during a Social Selling session I was doing at a conference where an attendee said to me they just completed taking over their family business at 38 years old. That’s right 38 years old!

Now if we go down the millennial age group some more to say the late 20’s, then we probably can say with guarantee those people are helping with the research of the next new technology/solution for the company they are working for.

So, what does this have to do with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Well, you got to remember that these digital natives are social media savvy, they are adapted to change, are technologically savvy and are always ready for new innovations.

Let’s focus our attention to social media here and why you need to be including it even more than ever and/or not sweeping it under the rug anymore because it’s a critical part of your marketing strategy to sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central successfully.

A study by Render Positive shared some interesting statistics when it came to targeting millennials.

When asked how to they stay informed and active on social media:

· Over 50% have used social media to decide on a purchase

· Approx. 52% looked to compare prices online before making purchases

· And nearly 50% did not shy away from sharing complaints about a brand or service

A takeaway here is that not only do you need to be posting on social media you also need to be listening to what people are saying about you as well because you need to be on the front end of any complaints when they happen so you can try and resolve.

When asked about why they followed brands on social media, they answered:

· 39% expected product recommendations

· 15% expected fun conversations

· 30% expected entertaining media to engage them

Now if you asked them what annoys them the most, posting too much. So, it becomes a balancing game here in finding the right amount posts for your audience.


If you’re a season social media professional or if you are new, you will need to stay in tune with where the audience hangs out online today and where they could be heading tomorrow. Staying ahead of the trends in social media is vital but understanding the past trends will be helpful as well.

A great tip to understanding the future trends is to keep an eye on what social network are adding when it comes to new features and then understanding how those features will be beneficial to your audience so you can take advantage from an advertising and content strategy. Remember to be always proactive and not reactive.

There you have it. Millennials are a tech-savvy group that wants a sincere and high-quality digital experience. If you have this age group in your marketing cross-hairs when I can guarantee you probably do when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you might want to take note.

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