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Unleash the Power of LinkedIn Company Pages - How to Share Content

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How LinkedIn Sharing Works

This article will show you how LinkedIn company employees and other users can help amplify LinkedIn page content's reach by sharing through their personal LinkedIn networks.

But first, let's understand the workings of a LinkedIn share.

LinkedIn Company Page Administration Center

Within LinkedIn, users as given LinkedIn Company Page administrator rights, which allows them access to the company page admin center, which acts as your organization's voice. You can make edits to the company page, view analytics, and see any notifications. During this article, we are going to use the Marketing Monarchs company page as an example.

LinkedIn Company Page Administration Center

How to Share Content on a LinkedIn Company Page

When posting content to your LinkedIn Company Page, you can post an update to all your company page followers.

To post to your Linked Company Page, you will need to have the necessary rights, either Super Admin or Content Admin. Follow these instructions to set up administrators for your LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn Company Page Administration Center - Page Admin Settings

If you don't have a company page, follow these instructions to create a LinkedIn Company Page.

How to Post Content to Your LinkedIn Company Page

To create a post directly from the LinkedIn Company Page, you will need first to navigate your company page.

Once at your company page, click on "Start a Post."

Start a LinkedIn Post

Enter what you want to say within the post. If you're URL renders an image, you can use that one, or if it doesn't, then you can add your own image or replace the one it generates.

Create a LinkedIn Post

Make sure also to add your hashtags as well.

LinkedIn Company Page Post – Additional Features

When posting messages on your company page, you also have the ability to include the mentioning of people and other organizations. Utilizing the @mention creates a link in the post to the profile of the person or organization.

Whereas when you use the @mention in a personal profile, the person(s) or organization gets notified. That is not the case when used on a company page.

To add either a person or an organization to your message, simply type the @ symbol followed by either the person's or organization's name.

Create a LinkedIn Post

Once you're happy with the message the click the "Post" button.

Additional Posting Features

You probably noticed some additional icons that you can use to enhance your post further:

  • Share a profile with your network

  • Create a poll

  • Upload a photo or video

  • Share a document

Learn How to Get Impressions with Your LinkedIn Company Page Posts

Now you know how to post a message on your LinkedIn Company Page directly or use a tool to help you post (and there are many available) the rest of this article, we will focus on building your engagement and followers.

Now, this a task that preferably needs your entire company to share and amplify via their LinkedIn personal profiles.

Steps to Sharing an Update From a LinkedIn Company Page

A LinkedIn Company Page acts differently from a LinkedIn Personal Page. Company pages don't allow you to post in groups, comment on other posts from either personal or company pages.

Your posts must be liked and/or shared; otherwise, the only potential audience who will see your updates are possibly your followers.

Basically, it's crucial for as many employees to spread the message to a broader audience outside of only the company page's followers.

Ways to Like and Share LinkedIn Company Page Updates

When it comes to sharing LinkedIn Company Page updates, there a few different methods.

Sharing from a LinkedIn Feed

  1. First, go to your LinkedIn Feed

  2. Find an update from your organization

  3. Now like and/or select the share button

Like Versus a Share – The Differences

When it comes to likes and shares, there is a big difference.

When you "like" an update, you are showing your connections that you liked that post. We could class this as a passive share.

Now when you "share," you also have the opportunity to add additional personal copy to the post that you are sharing.

When selecting a share, you also enable these options:

  • Publicly – Share with anyone on LinkedIn.

  • Publicly and share to your Twitter feed (if you have Twitter connected).

  • Share to individual connections you have on LinkedIn.

  • Share within a Group that you are a member of.

And lastly, there is an option to choose if you want to let others comment or not on the post.

LinkedIn - Who can see your posts

Sharing from the LinkedIn Company Page Feed

Another way to share is to go to the LinkedIn Company Page feed for your organization. Once you are here, you can share the post and follow the same options that we just spoke about for sharing the post.

Social Media Amplification Benefits

Liking and sharing posts from many different people in your organizations will help amplify the content to a greater audience.

Let's say, for example, your company page only has 60 followers. Any post that is posted only has the possibility of being seen by those 60 followers, but in reality, it may not even get half those impressions if no one interacts with the content especially if none of those followers happen to be not logged into LinkedIn.

Now when two employees who have 300 connections each and either like and/or share the post, you've magnified your potential reach by ten times. Bingo, now you've increased your post's potential impressions and content view clicks.

So look for well-connected and influential team members to help you get the highest amount of impressions, clicks, and conversions.

The other benefit from all of this is that your content could end up trending on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sharing Tips and Tricks

  • Try sharing during the best times on LinkedIn: Wednesday from 8–10 AM and Noon, Thursday at 9 AM and 1–2 PM, and Friday at 9 AM

  • Look to add your own commentary/insights when sharing

  • When liking or sharing a post, try to include people who may find the post as well interesting

  • Don't limit to sharing to your personal LinkedIn Feed but also look to specific groups that you belong to and share within there as well

  • Remember, when you add your own commentary/insights, you are engaging with the content instead of just clicking, which has a better chance of others engaging and commenting as well, which helps increase impressions.

Images: Always look to add images when no images are showing as imagery draws more attention to the post and helps with better engagement.

If you feel you still need help, then reach out to Marketing Monarchs either via or by calling 617 256 6178, and we can assist you with your LinkedIn Company Page strategy.

About the Author

Photo of Jon Rivers President of Marketing Monarchs

Jon Rivers – Jon has been recognized as a pioneer within the partner channel as a digital marketing expert for his Leadership in helping partners develop social brands, marketing strategies, and content to drive successful marketing campaigns.

Before starting Marketing Monarchs, Jon spent many years working in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP ecosystem system. Jon serves on various boards, including Directions North America, IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners), and CMA (Channel Marketing Alliance).

When Jon is not busy running Marketing Monarchs, you can find him Co-Hosting Leadership Goes Beyond, one of the fastest-growing virtual conferences for Leadership.


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