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  • Jon Rivers

The Ultimate Sage and Sage Intacct Twitter #Hashtags List for 2019

Did you know that there are 500 million+ tweets processed daily on Twitter and approximately 46% of the Twitters users are using the Twitter platform daily! That’s impressive numbers don’t you agree?

So as a Sage or Sage Intacct Partner how do you make sure you messaging on Twitter gets to your audience?

You need to make sure you adding and using the right #hashtags!

What is a #hashtag on Twitter?

Basically, the #hashtag lets users of Twitter to categorize their tweets so they are easily found within the Twitter search engine. So when another user searches using the search engine on a particular #hashtag they will be able to find those messages that have that #hashtag attached to them.

For example, let's say we wanted to search for Blockchain on Twitter, well we would type #Blockchain in to the search engine and it would return all the results that have that #hashag included in the message.

Another example could be we are focusing on the manufacturing industry so we should look at adding the #hashtag #Manufacturing to our tweets.

How do you know which #hashtag to use?

For a Sage/Sage Intacct Partner knowing your #hashtags are so important especially as customers utilize the Twitter search engine to find areas of focus they are interested in if that be products/solutions, conferences, user’s groups and industries.

The other issue we run into products change thus #hashtags typically change as well so how do you stay up to date? Well, you come to the right place as we have been the defacto go-to resource it comes to right #hashtag you should be using.

Download today our 2019 eBook Guide to the Right Sage & Sage Intacct #Hashtags to Use For 2019 for FREE which will guide you through the right #hashtags you need to be using in 2019.

When we pull these eBook’s together we do a lot of research on trying to find the right #hashtag. Sometimes we are not 100%, we are only human (well I think we are) so if you see one we have missed or you think we need to make a change then drop us an email at and we will be happy to review plus update the eBook accordingly.

Happy 2019 #Hashtagging...



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