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  • Jon Rivers

The Ultimate Microsoft Dynamics Twitter #Hashtags List for 2019

Roughly 46% of Twitter users are on the platform daily and over 500 million tweets are sent per day so how do you stand out from the crowd?

What is a #hashtag on Twitter?

Within Twitter, a #hashtag allows users to categorize their tweets for the easier searching within the Twitter search engine. So when you add #hashtags tags to your tweets you are basically making it easier for others to discover your tweets.

Let’s say we wanted to search for tweets related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central then we would type in to the Twitter Search #MSDyn365BC or if we were focused on selling solutions we might consider looking at #Manufacturing.

What #hashtag should I use?

Now as a Microsoft Partner/ISV knowing the right #Hashtag to use with regards to Microsoft Dynamics products/solutions, conferences, user groups and more are critical to making sure you are being found when new customers use the Twitter search engine.

Well, you come to the right place as we have been the defacto go-to resource (even that others have tried to copy) when it comes to right #hashtag you should be using.

Download today our eBook “Guide to the Right Microsoft Dynamics #Hashtags to Use For 2019” that will guide you through the right #hashtags you should be using in 2019 within your Tweets.

If you come across a #hashtag that we haven’t listed as we know new ones are born occasionally drop us an email at and let us know what it is and what it’s for and we will update the eBook accordingly.

Happy 2019 #Hashtagging……



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