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  • Jon Rivers

The Secrets That Social Media Experts Don't Want You to Know about UTM Tracking

UTM Tracking

How do you find out when people are engaging with your social media messages? What is the best way to accurately track your social media campaigns?

Now it’s relatively easy to gain insights on the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions by using each of the social media analytics they have. But they don’t give you everything. By leveraging UTM tracking, you’re able to run tests, optimize and improve your overall social media marketing.

In this blog, I’m going to show you how easy it is to use UTM tracking for social media.

What, Why’s and How’s

If you’ve never heard of UTM links, basically they are a link of the URL you want to track plus UTM parameters, which are small pieces of code that allow you to track and gain more detail than usual.

A UTM link could look like this:


As you will, you see all the parameters are clearly defined within the link:

  • UTM_source: Source of Traffic (“LinkedIn” in the example above)

  • UTM_medium: the medium (So we know this coming from social media we used “social”)

  • UTM_campaign: the campaign (for this example we called it “O365Sept2019Campaign”

This is the field you will change based on your campaign and how you might want to handle A/B testing)

These three parameters are the most commonly used ones, and they typically give you more than enough information.

By adding these UTM parameters to URL’s you will gain more information than would typically get from the social and google analytics together.

Examples of the benefits of UTM tracking URLs:

  • Gain better insights to see which of your social media messages drove better CTA’s with the audience (A/B testing)

  • Track results when launching a solution on AppSource or one of Marketplaces and seeing which of your social media platform is driving better traffic so you can be more focused

Now how to create UTM tracking links. It’s easy; all you need is a tool to help you.

The easiest option is to use Google Analytics Campaign URL builder.

As you can see its very user-friendly to add the UTM parameters you want and once you are completed your link will automatically be created for you.

The next steps are that you will need a Google Analytics account to track these links. You will find everything under Acquisition -> Campaigns for your results.


Including UTM tracking links allows you to gain more insights into your analytics and give you a better understanding of what messages are working and not.

If you would like to gain even more insights on your potentials clients engagement, then contact us to find out how you can unleash even more marketing intelligence with your URL links. Call us on 617 256 6178 or contact us at



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