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  • Jon Rivers

The Best Content Template for 2020 | Get Organized Today!

Businesswoman's Hand Checking Schedule In Diary With Content Calendar On White Desk

We are big believers here at Marketing Monarchs in having a plan and schedule when it comes to content.

To achieve that, all content campaign owners need to have a well-organized content calendar.

Having your entire content strategy laid out in one calendar helps you become more organized focused and, of course, more productive in the long run.

Even that may or may not already be buried in to your 2020 marketing strategy; it’s never too late to improve your processes.

In this blog post, we are going to show how you can quickly build a content calendar and keep jam-packed for 2020.

We have built you an easy to use content calendar that you can use for 2020 and schedule all your content at the best times:

  • Content Calendar 2020 Template – Allows you to map out all your content all year long easily

  • Social Media 2020 Posting Content Template – For marketers only focused on social media, this template will allow you to be organized. It comes with a bonus where it will also allow you to track your analytics to see how your campaigns are doing.

What is a Content Calendar?

Within marketing, you may see lots of various types of calendars being utilized.

People may call the “Blog editorial calendars,” or social media calendars,” or maybe a “blog schedule calendar.”

Whatever they are called, their purpose is typically the same.

During this post, we are going to discuss a content calendar that can be used to help plan, schedule, and organize your content.

Why should you use a Content Calendar?

Within marketing not have a proper strategic plan and trying to wing it does cut it and its very unproductive and you are less likely to be successful with your campaigns.

Having calendars implemented make it easier for you to plan what you are doing. This could be by the week, month or whatever the length is best for your strategy and campaign.

Some marketers will look at building out a content calendar for a whole year.

After you have created your calendar, it will allow you the benefits of:

  • Achieve Deadlines with ease and, at the same time, keep you and your team accountable for getting actionable tasks completed on time.

  • One View – Blogs, social media messages, emails, newsletters, events, and other contents are viewable in one place.

  • Strategy – Instead of rushing and trying to thinking about what pieces of content are needed. With a calendar and already having a plan + strategy, you make sure each piece of content works together ahead of time.

Passing words calendars will allow you to be more productive and efficient bring less stress.

Still struggling with building a content strategy and/or content calendar or even the content to fill the funnel, then reach out to Marketing Monarchs to assist you.



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