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  • Jon Rivers

Sell to Your Competitors' Customers with This Simple Twitter Hack

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You’ve created a Twitter account, occasionally you post some content, and then you wonder why you’re not being followed, you’re not generating much or if any traffic to your website to buy your product/services.

Now if you use it right, Twitter can be a great tool to help salespeople with lead generation.

There is no secret sauce when it comes using Twitter for lead generation and sales, it just takes time and patience in many cases. Building up your followers takes time, and then when it comes to nurturing them in to becoming your next customers is no easy task.

So, you’ve come to the right place as I’m going to share with you a simple but effective lead generation tool with Twitter.

The first task is to research who your competitors' customers are:

To drive sales, we need followers who want to buy your products/services, so it’s not about the number of followers (even that plays a part), but it’s about the quality of your followers.

Ready to build a leads list?

Your next steps are to go to each of your competitors' Twitter accounts and find out who is following them. From doing this, you are either finding out either who is doing business with them or who have indicated an interest in what they have to offer. This all leads to that there is a good chance these same followers would be interested in what you have to offer as well.

The second task is to follow your competitors' followers:

As you review the followers who are following your competitor start to follow those accounts that would be more likely to lead for your company. What we also recommend to do is build Twitter Lists to help you manage these new followers.

Another little trick is to check out who is liking and retweeting your competitor’s messages. Think about following these accounts as there is a likelihood they would also have a keen interest in your content.

If you were not aware when you follow someone on Twitter, Twitter would automatically notify that you have monitored them. Most people are curious to who just followed them, so they will review the profile (so make sure your profile is full and descriptive to what you do and offer) and then decide if to follow you back. I would estimate around 50% or more will follow back especially if your profile is compelling, and your Twitter feed show engaging content.

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Another trick is looking to use the “Pin a Tweet” to your profile with either one of your best offers or one of the most engaging pieces of content that would draw them. If you opt for engaging content, make sure this includes a link to a landing page or content which gets the recipient to share necessary contact information if possible.

If after 5-7 days, you haven’t seen any action with them following you back think about unfollowing them as either they are not interested or not active.

By doing this, you are keeping your lead list nice and clean.

Remember to repeat this process regularly as your competitors will pick up new followers over time and you also want to gain them as well.

Overtime by following this strategy, you be nurturing your next possible customers.



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