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  • Jon Rivers

On-Premise Dynamics vs. Dynamics 365: There’s a World of Difference

I was recently asked by Microsoft to write an article for the MPN (Microsoft Partner Network) Blog around the future of CRM and ERP as it transitions to the cloud with Dynamics 365.

Here is a little teaser of that article. If you then click the link at the end, you will be taken to the full article on MPN site. Enjoy!


Dynamics 365 is the bright future of CRM and ERP, but moving from the on-premise model to the cloud has presented some interesting challenges for partners.

In the traditional on-premise world, partners sold and collected their margins on software and enhancements through a loyal client base. Partners collected the full value of their fees for services rendered, including implementation, integration, and data migration. The lengthy sales cycle included several face-to-face client meetings for requirements gathering and customized product demonstrations, followed by detailed proposals, statements of work, and contracts.

Marketing of these services followed traditional methods such as direct mail, email campaigns, and telemarketing, all of which required purchasing relevant lists and maintaining a prospect database. In the absence of social media, a partner’s outreach was limited to the members of those lists.

All that is history now with Dynamics 365 on the scene. For Dynamics 365 partners, your delivery model is different. The pricing model is different. The purchasing model is different. The sales cycle is different. Your buyer is different, too! The new Dynamics opens up a world of opportunity for partners. Here is a little insight into how the differences will impact you…



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