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  • Jon Rivers

Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need to Know About Twitter Hashtags

Are you ready to quit Twitter? Do you want to take your Tweets from being mediocre to amazing?

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Having the right strategy when it comes to using hashtags and using them correctly can either help you grow your reach, encourage more engagement, and become found or if you don’t your Tweet will only get lost within the 500 million tweets that happen daily.

Let’s look at the Do’s and Don't when it comes to Tweet hashtags:


1. Research and find out what others in your industry/domain are using for hashtags and utilize them. Once you have found the appropriate hashtag(s) search on them in the search field on Twitter and see how well they are being used. You don’t want to use them if they are being well used. So, search again until you find the appropriate one(s). Lastly, make sure the hashtag(s) work for your company and brand.

2. Double-check the spelling of your hashtag(s) as the last thing you want is typos which in turn will not make your Tweet undiscoverable.

3. Be a trendsetter and develop your own hashtag around your brand slogan for example but make sure there is a reason for others to use and search for it.

4. Find influencers in your domain/industry to help you build better coverage of your hashtag.


1. Use too many hashtags! There is nothing worse than a message being killed by too many hashtags. I like to use two to three relevant hashtags per message when possible and it’s noted that messages that are under 150 characters in length get more engagements.

2. Stop SHOUTING at me. Don’t use all CAPS LOCK with your hashtags as it feels like your shouting unless the hashtag is an acronym. But I do like put Caps in the appropriate places of the hashtag for example #SocialMedia

3. Expect product and brand slogans to translate to a hashtag. The whole idea of a hashtag is that it is to be used by many, shared by many and to be discovered. If it doesn’t fit don’t use it as it will not add any benefit

4. Forget to educate others on why and how they should use the hashtag. Make sure to explain why they would want to include it in their Tweets.

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