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  • Jon Rivers

Learn How to Use Emojis in Social Media to Gain Engagement

Young creative team wearing boxes on their heads in a creative office impersonating emojis.

With studies showing that the use of emojis with social media is way up, isn't it time channel partner marketers took it seriously.

One study found that one in five (19.04%) of all 68 million tweets posted contained at least one emoji.

Why emojis?

Emojis allow you to speak the language of your customer and give you a way for your social posts to be more noticeable. In a world full of seriousness, they allow you to add some fun to your messaging and brand.

Now you don't have to go as crazy as Chevrolet did with an emoji-only press release; you can still find ways to be creative.

The following chart shows a total of thirteen different emojis that appeared at least once over a period of time.

Top Ten Emojis Used on Twitter

Let's dig into some ways you can utilize emojis in your future messages:

Do Your Emojis Make Sense?

When adding emojis to your messages, they are meant to complement the message. If the emoji(s) added don't make sense, then don't add just for the sake of adding.

The last thing you want is your audience trying to guess what you were trying to say via the emojis.

Don't Make Light of Serious Situations

Using emojis are meant to be fun cool and trendy, so think before adding as you don't want your emoji making light of something that's extremely serious.

Not all Messages need Emojis

When using emojis, they should come naturally and not be forced. Think about them as an extension of your regular expression.

Using emojis in the business world, they need to be as natural as possible. If thinking of one of the 3,178 emojis for your post, then it means your post doesn't need one, so don't force it!.

Stay on Brand

Of course, emojis allow you to step out of the stuffy corporate box, but don't step too far.

When selecting the emoji(s) to use, make sure they work within the boundaries of your corporate messaging—using the "blowing a kiss" emoji maybe not be the right one, a B2B business.

Always before you hit the send button, think about your brand messaging – do those emoji help, detract, or even offend in your target audience?

Don't Go Over the Top

Of course, it's fun to add emojis to your messages but limit them to no more than four emojis to each message.

Make You Understand What the Emoji Means

Do your research and make sure you fully understand what each of the emojis you are adding means. You don't want to send the wrong emoji from your corporate account and walk away with an embarrassing emoji mishap.

Not sure where to start, then check out this resource that will give you more information on each emoji – Emojipedia (The home of Emoji Meanings).


You now should be ready to start adding emojis to your messages going forward with these tips. Have fun in finding ways to be creative in adding emojis to your future messages.

About the Author

Jon Rivers – Jon has been recognized as a pioneer within the partner channel as a digital marketing expert for his leadership in helping partners develop social brands, marketing strategies, and content to drive successful marketing campaigns.

Before starting Marketing Monarchs, Jon spent many years working in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP ecosystem system. Jon serves on various boards, including Directions North America, IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners), and CMA (Channel Marketing Alliance).

When Jon is not busy running Marketing Monarchs, you can find him Co-Hosting Leadership Goes Beyond one of the fastest-growing virtual conferences for Leadership.



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