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  • Jon Rivers

Learn how to engage buyers using Sales Navigator PointDrive

In the sales cycle knowing when your buyers start interacting with your content is important from an engagement standpoint. But what happens when it’s time to send your prospects content, like product information sheets, a presentation or maybe a case study video? Well, you probably send them an email with a bunch of attachments and links.

Does this look familiar?


The problem is that this email with all the attachment and links is just downright ugly and hard for buyers to navigate. Add to this a CEB study that tells us that on average there are 6.8 people in the buying process these days. Click to Tweet. So it becomes even more important than ever to know who is touching each piece of your content.


That is why you need to be utilizing PointDrive as a critical component of your sales process. PointDrive lets you easily share your branded content and messages in a way that buyers can access and navigate more simply. The added benefit is that buyers can access PointDrive on any device – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Measuring Engagement Insights

Not only are you now giving your buyers a better content viewing experience with PointDrive, but you are also benefiting because as the buyer engages with your content, you are gaining data-driven insights from a seller’s perspective.  

Within the PointDrive data-driven insights you will be able to track engagement and intent during the entire deal cycle. And the best part is that you will gain insights into what content they are finding interesting and are consuming so you can use that information to craft your responses and close deals.

PointDrive tracks when your buyer engages with your content. It also tracks when your content is forwarded, thus giving you full visibility into all the appropriate decision makers involved in the buying process. So if you are using the full power of Sales Navigator, you can quickly and easily add those additional lead contacts to your targeted accounts.


In addition to using PointDrive to send content and links to buyers, you can easily utilize PointDrive within your social media campaigns, driving prospective buyers to focused campaigns and developing new leads. Click here to see a campaign example.


The added PointDrive functionality is a very low-cost solution for sales teams. It’s a cool tool that enables them to deliver engaging content on a personal level, with the added benefit of real-time insights. And throughout the sales cycle, you’re making sure that the buyer has an amazing experience, too.

PointDrive is available as part of Sales Navigator Team and Enterprise subscriptions.



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