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  • Jon Rivers

Inspiration for Content Ideas When You Have a Mental Block

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As a Channel Partner, where do you get inspiration for your next article?

Do you find yourself struggling for inspiration for new content? Are you confused about how content syndication works and how it can benefit you?

Then you need to continue reading as we are going to discuss the secrets the pros use to create articles and engage with the audience.

So here we go…

We hear it everywhere that content is king. But it’s TRUE!

Having the right content will help you with increasing your conversations and gaining more visibility with your audience. Along the way, it’s going to assist you with building trust and authority with your brand.

Let’s get back to where we can find inspiration for new content.

Content Idea #1 – List Post

Simply writing a post that gives your audience a list of useful resources that they are going to find valuable:

  • Top ISV’s for Manufacturing when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Best Security Blogs to be following

  • Top Influencers in the industry

Here are a couple of examples:

  • The Best Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • 7 Security Books All Small Business Should Read.

Content Idea #2 – "How To”

Another common content idea is the “How to” article.

For example:

  • “How to set up, assign, and use a standard purchase code in Business Central.”

… these types of articles tend to drive fantastic traffic to partner websites

Content Idea #3 – Case Study

Case Study allows you to showcase how you have solved a problem with a solution and gain a specific type of result at a customer. These types of articles tend to resonate well with similar prospects who have the same issues.

Note: Case studies do not have to be 1,000 of words long to get the problem, solution, and the result was.

Content Idea #4 – Checklist Post

These types of articles allow you to share a step by step process that simply achieves an end goal with visualization. And we know it’s a proven fact people engage well with visual materials.

For example:

  • “The 7 Point Checklist To Moving Your ERP To The Cloud”

People crave step by step processes with a checklist as it gives them an easy way to learn or digest the information required to do what they need to do.

Content Idea #5 – Series Post

A “Series Post” is a multi-part article that is delivered over a period of time. This could be consecutive days or over several weeks.

For example:

  • What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?” and then talk about the various applications that are within the Dynamics 365 stack.

Content Idea #6 – FAQ Article

Are you hearing the same question(s) from customers or prospects? Do you see the same question or similar being asked in a forum or in a group like on LinkedIn?

Look at writing an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article. These articles become amazing assets in helping overcome potential objections in the sales cycle.

Content Idea #7 – Interview Post

Find an industry expert/influencer and find a topic/book or something that would engage your audience and proposal some questions to them, and now you have the basis for an article.

When it comes time to promote the article, make sure to include the expert/influencer as that will help drive additional engagement. And time to time, you will find that the expert/influencer will also look to promote the article on their own social channels, thus giving you more exposure.

Content Idea #8 – Comparison Article

Who doesn’t like reading about comparisons of solutions, or ISV? Whether you’re looking for a new car or your next laptop, many people will look to use the internet to shop and compare.

So why not take advantage.

A comparison article allows you to compares the features and benefits of a product, services, company, add-on against that of others.

When you do this, you need to compare the main features, characteristics, and differences, typically in a bulleted list.

A rule of thumb is not to trash the competition as this should come across in the comparison.

By trashing, you will lose trust and goodwill very quickly with your audience.

Content Idea #9 – Review Post

Have you ever brought a product? Even been to an event? I bet you have!

By sharing a review can accomplish multiple things, provides the audiences with useful information, and it helps promote a product that brings value to your audience and back to your company.

It also shows your authority and demonstrates you’re actively using a product or attending events.

Content Idea #10 – Need More Inspiration

Are you still need inspiration after those top 9 content ideas? Well are some more things you can do:

  • Listen to what people are saying in LinkedIn Group and use that help you write an article. If people are talking about the challenges they are having, then you can talk about how you have solved that with another customer, for example.

  • Don’t just listen to what people are saying go and pose a question to your LinkedIn Status or within a LinkedIn Group and use those results to help you build an article.

  • Twitter and User Group forums are two other great places to do what we just discussed. Listen and pose questions.

Now I hope these tips give you enough to get your creative juices flowing, so you are no longer staring at a blinking cursor again trying to think about where your next content idea is going to come from.

Do you have any content ideas that we didn’t discuss that you use for inspiration when developing content? Drop me an email at and let me know.

About the Author

Jon Rivers – Jon has been recognized as a pioneer within the partner channel as a digital marketing expert for his leadership in helping partners develop social brands, marketing strategies, and content to drive successful marketing campaigns.

Before starting Marketing Monarchs, Jon spent many years working in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP ecosystem system. Jon serves on various boards, including Directions North America, IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners), and CMA (Channel Marketing Alliance).



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