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  • Jon Rivers

Five Creative Ways You Can Add LinkedIn Company Page Followers

You’ve created a LinkedIn company page, but your follower count is not increasing.

You’ve created a LinkedIn company page, but your follower count is not increasing.

Are you ready to look at five creative ways you can add followers to your LinkedIn company page? Here we go….

Creative Way #1 – Sharing Content

Based on research compiled by LinkedIn, companies that post monthly typical gain new followers 6x faster than those who don’t post, and for companies with over 150+ followers, they will see 5x more Company Page views compared those with fewer followers.

Impression numbers! My recommendations are you should be posting content at least once a week to your LinkedIn Company Page. To help you schedule the content, you can look to use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to name a few.

If you have other social networks like Twitter, for example, look to cross-promote your LinkedIn Company Page within messages. Likewise, include it within your email signatures, add a button on your website, promote in your newsletter, and more… Basically anywhere you can share, share.

Creative Way #2 – Optimize the time you post

As with all social networks, LinkedIn is no different; you need to know the best time to post your content. By knowing your target audience, their geographic location and that fact you are probably focusing on B2B calculated the best time that would suit that audience. If most of your business comes from Europe, but you’re based here in the USA, then you might want to make sure your times are when European are awake.

Creative Way #3 – Share more content

Look to share more content with your LinkedIn Company Page.

But, you’re running out of ideas then look to other resources that have content within your industry/domain that you could share. A great way I like to do this is to hook RSS feeds into my Buffer Agency software for each of our clients, so we always have a good supply of content to share all the time.

They were still running out of contents. Look to repurpose and re-share the post from the past that got the most engagement. The bottom line is if they performed well before they probably will again and more than likely the reader didn’t see it the first time around anyway.

Creative Way #4 – Complete your profile

We probably should put this one as #1. Apart from sharing content, you need to make sure your Company Page is engaging and explains to the prospective audience precisely what your company does.

When you complete your Company Page, you are more likely to receive 2x more visitors than if you didn’t finish it.

Make sure to fully complete each of these elements to complete your LinkedIn Company Page:

  • Logo

  • Company Description

  • Website URL

  • Company Size

  • Industry

  • Company type

  • Location

Creative Way #5 – Include Hashtags in your content

By including hashtags within your content as with other social networks, you are making your content more accessible to be found which in turns helps LinkedIn members find your Company Page which leads to those members who like your content and end up following you.

You now have five creative ways you can add followers to your LinkedIn company page so go and start to implement them

If you have tried other creative ideas, we would love to hear your successes.



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