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  • Jon Rivers

Learn How to Make More Money with Content Marketing

Content Marketing. Make money on the Internet. Man working with laptop in the office

Because proving the value of content marketing continues to be necessary to channel partners.

Content marketing continues to move at a rapid speed.

Why is that?

Your future B2B customer is just not excited by your current sales approaches because they feel cheap and slimy, but instead, they want to be attracted by domain expertise, problem-solving skills, transparency, and approachability within a brand.

Social media and the Internet play a big part in this.

What many marketers are learning is that the same old approach doesn't work no more. They can't deliver the same marketing strategy they did 10 or 5 years ago. Nowadays, it's about providing value to the customers that make them want to use us.

So, the fundamentals behind content marketing are focusing on relationship-building, focusing more on the customer than the brand.

But does all this stuff work?

The proof is in these statistics. Are you ready to be persuaded that you need to focus more on content marketing?

Content marketing leaders are pacesetters.

Unique site traffic tracks a whopping 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs. 2.5%).

Where do you start:

  • Less time spend reading other blogs and more time writing your own

  • Strategically use every blog you post

  • Understand what leaders do. They share what they have learned, so do the same

  • Leaders will set the standards in their field. Look always to challenge yourself to create useful long-form content that is engaging that your audience will not find elsewhere

  • Look to give ideas and tips but make to back those up with ideas with data and statistics whenever possible

Content costs less than traditional marketing

Research has found that content marketing compared to traditional marketing costs 62% less than and can generate up to 3 times more leads.

Yes, traditional marketing can get leads, but its time you reviewed your options as content marketing allows you to nurture your leads, whereas traditional doesn't.

Content marketers understand that they can help their companies achieve their goals; brand visibility, lead generation, and nurture leads at the same time.

Thus why content marketing keeps increasing year over year.

Conversion Rates higher with Content Marketing

When Aberdeen conducted a study and compared companies that put a focus on content compared to those who didn't, the results were staggering. Those who implemented content marketing increased their website conversion rates by more than 5x compared to a meager rate of 0.5% for those who didn't create the right content.

Having an increase in a 1% increase in landing page conversions can have a massive impact on your business, sales, and revenues.

So are you believing yet? Are you going to do anything about it?

Here are more statistics…

"Original Written Content" is the most important type of content

We keep hearing about the importance and the effectiveness of content like videos and infographics, but a survey by Social Media Examiner found than more than 58% of people preferred "original written content" like blogs, articles, and ebooks over visual content.

Wow, that statistic was an eye-opener to us even; it means if you don't have the money or capacity to focus on visual content, you still can be successful with written content.

Reuse Content Two to Five Times

To be successful, you have to be to look at content repurposing.

The reality is that you will not have the time and budget to be creating new engaging content consistently.

So when you have a blog that people found beneficial, then take it to the next level and repurpose into other forms of content like videos, infographics, ebooks, etc.

Marketers Who Blog See ROI

Any B2B company that has an online presence needs to make blogging a critical factor in their growth.

Who can argue with the statistics from HubSpot? 82% of Marketers who blog see an increase in their ROI from inbound marketing.

More time you are delivering engaging content via blogging, the higher your ROI will be.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

We know we personally, when we step off the gas and don't produce content, then our website traffic and engagement drops and business.

Recommendations on a Blog

Content marketing allows you to build trust with your clients in no other method can match.

61% of U.S. consumers purchased after reading recommendations on a blog.

Effective SEO Technique

By populating your blog with engaging content on your website, you increase the pathways back to your site. And the more you increase the relevant topics, the better chance you increase your conversations.


If you're a partner marketer and you're looking to be one of the successful B2B marketers, you will find that 64% B2B marketers outsource writing, which takes them to another level when it comes to productivity and lead generation.

Once you have your content, you need a method to deliver it, and social media networks become the most successful way. For B2B companies, social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter tend to be the most commonly used, but depending on your target audience Facebook or Instagram may be used.

Utilizing social media allows you the opportunity to make your content really shine where other companies post the same old stuff.

Content marketing is changing the way consumers want to consume content.

If you are looking for more leads and customers, it not a question should I do content marketing; it's a must.

The real question now is, where do you start in creating the right content.

Use these statistics as a guide when you next write a blog.

Bottom line: Consistent Content Marketing Works!



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