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  • Jon Rivers

7 Simple Social Media Techniques to Improve Your SEO

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With over 3.5 Billion searches on Google per day, by the way, that is Billion with a B!

Do you wish you could find a way to rank higher in search engines?

How do you beat Google when over 200 ranking factors are being used to determine search results!

For many, we understanding that keywords are essential when it comes to our websites, but it easy not to realize that social media can play a big part as well. Social media, for many, becomes a side marketing project from SEO, but it shouldn't be. And that should not be the case because social media can have a significant impact on your ranking if you know which social media techniques to focus on.

How can social media marketing improve your SEO?

Continue reading as we guide you through the seven simple techniques that you can incorporate into your social media marketing to improve your website's SEO today.

What is the impact of Social Media on SEO?

First, let's discuss the big million $$ question. Does social media marketing how an impact on search results? Even that Google has over 200 ranking factors, we are still in the dark about the correlation that social media plays on SEO.

In 2014 a Google employee shared that social signals didn't have impacts on rankings. But we do know there is a connection when we have popular content and search engine rankings.

Now in 2018, Hootsuite ran a Social Media Impact SEO experiment to understand if there was a connection between shares an article receives and the search rankings.

When the results came back, they did see a correlation between the two.

So what this tells us is that the more your content is shared on social, the higher you will rank within the search engines.

What is E A T?

Bottom line it comes to three key elements that make up E A T which are important signals that Google look for in websites:

  • expertise

  • authority

  • trust

So the key is that you need to be seen as the go-to authority by driving the necessary mentions.

Social Media Techniques to Improve Your SEO

Now you have a better understanding of the basics on how to improve your search rankings - let's look at the 7 techniques to improve your SEO with social media.

Social Media Channels

Not knowing your audience is going to be a problem not only here but through a lot of your marketing.

You need to know your audience to create the right content that is going to get shared. Understanding their challenges, how you can solve their problems etc.

The next step is you need to know where your audience is hanging out. Are they on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels?

For a real estate broker, they may look towards Facebook as one of their social channels. In contrast, a software solution provider targeting fortune 500 clients would focus more on LinkedIn as their social media channel of choice.

Whoever your audience is, you have to research where they are and choose the right social media channels; otherwise, you are wasting your time.

Social Media Profiles

Too many times, we come across social media accounts that don't have their social media profiles completely filled out, or they have not been updated.

It is essential that you add what you will be offering the potential follower and what they can expect from you.

Quality and Focused Content

Here at Marketing Monarch, we can attest to this when we don't deliver quality content consistently; we see huge drops.

When you are putting your content together, make sure you are putting your stamp on it from your perspective.


How many times have you heard the importance of keywords when it comes to SEO?

Well, the same goes here; you need to make sure you are including the necessary keywords in your content.

Don't think just because you're using Instagram or another social media channel; it doesn't matter.

It does matter!

So, make sure you are thinking about keywords consistently.

Research Content

All is good if you're just writing content, but are you writing the content that the audience you're targeting on social media is looking to engage with?

Do your research and see what articles are getting the most shares across various social channels so you can decide on what topic(s) you should write on next.

Useful tools like BuzzSumo and Ubersuggest can help you with this process.


I have written many articles on the importance of hashtags, but attaching the right hashtags tell the search engines what your content is about.

If you remember one thing about hashtags, be consistent with them, and there is a benefit in using a hashtag that is not overused and make it yours.

Look to dominate.

Consistent Branding

If you are going to be using different social media channels, which is more than likely, make sure there is consistency across all of them. You want to make sure your audience relates to what your brand does.

Your brand is the way people connect to you from your website to your social media profile and your posts (of course, all of your other marketing materials as well).

Get FOUND on search engine with the right Social Media Marketing Strategy!

The better you rank on search engines, the more traffic you will drive to your website, which will lead to more sales.

So no more fighting social media marketing; it is a must if you want to drive more lead and sales!

Following these techniques will help you find the right social media channels, and then dominate them.

Now you're going to have to deliver the quality content, the brand experience that your followers will want to share, which in turn will help your rankings.

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About the Author

Jon Rivers – Jon has been recognized as a pioneer within the partner channel as a digital marketing expert for his leadership in helping partners develop social brands, marketing strategies, and content to drive successful marketing campaigns.

Before starting Marketing Monarchs, Jon spent many years working in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP ecosystem system. Jon serves on various boards, including Directions North America, IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners), and CMA (Channel Marketing Alliance).



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