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  • Jon Rivers

7 Quick Tips to Promote a Webinar with Social Media

Webinar landing pages can drive some of the highest conversion rates as content goes on your website.

But webinar people don’t just turn up and register for your webinar just because you created a landing page. To get those attendees registering for your webinar you need to spend the appropriate amount of time promoting it as well. One of the best ways we have seen success is having a social media strategy.

Thus, why I have written this article to help you promote your webinars on social media. Follow these 7 Quick Tips listed to start filling up those webinars with more attendees….

Tip #1 – Build a Landing Page

Firstly, are you creating a landing page for promoting your webinar on your website? Well it is key to have a landing page created to support the promotion of your webinar. Now the stronger that landing page is the better your conversation rates will be.

Tip #2 – Optimize your Landing Page for Social Sharing

Once you have your landing page optimized for conversion the next steps are to make sure you optimize it for social sharing. Why you ask, well you want your visitors to share the landing page and the information about the webinar to their followers.

Here are a few simple ways to add social sharing:

The easiest option is by adding share buttons to your landing pages which can add up to 7x more exposure of your landing page on social.

Additional benefits of having share buttons are they allow you to increase the number of times your event is promoted and not by you but by others who are interested. This in turns increases the buzz about your event and makes others want to attend. Thus, helping drive even more traffic.

Go ahead, add those share buttons but don’t forget to also turn on the share counts as well.

Now one warning, do not add too many social networks as it is better to focus on the key networks where your audience is.  

Optimize the share message:

Now you have those share buttons added you want to make sure that what is shared on social is the perfect message. Remember the better your posts are crafted, the more increased engagement you are going to see which of course will lead to more traffic being driven back to your webinar landing page.

So, with a little extra work tailor the share buttons with pre-canned messages with eye-catching images to increase your engagement results. Also, remember to include the appropriate hashtags as well (we will talk more about those soon).

Tip #3 –Social post campaign

One of the biggest mistakes we see is people will post once about their webinar and then they are done. How is that going to drive webinar registrations?

Make sure to schedule multiple social posts (organic and paid) for at least 4-6 weeks leading up to the webinar across the social platforms that your audience is listening too. The campaign should include a variety of posts that include eye-catching images, compelling content, and actionable CTA’s (Call to Action). To make your like easier utilize tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social to schedule the posts.

Tip #4 – Hashtags

When you’re pulling together your social messages make sure you’re adding the appropriate hashtags that audience would be listening to.

If you’re hosting webinars on a regular basis then look to create a hashtag for all your webinars. By doing this you are building branding awareness plus helping your audience get used to seeing it on a regular basis. Now when thinking of a hashtag make sure to keep it short but also meaningful.

Remember to also include your Hashtag on all promotional messaging but also include on your webinar landing page as well as your presentation materials.

Tip #5 – Encourage Employees to share your webinar landing page

One of the biggest untapped assets that most companies don’t take advantage of is that of their employees sharing news about upcoming webinars. According to LinkedIn, employees have 10x more connections than a company has followers. So, make it easy for your employees and share some pre-canned messages with eye-catching images they can just copy and paste to their social networks.

Tip #6 – Ask Influencers to promote your webinar

Get creative and reach out to industry influencers and ask them help promote your webinar to their followers.

To make it simple for them, create pre-canned social messages and just embed the share button within the email you send to them requesting the help.

If you need to help sweeten the deal, then you can look at setting up an influencer profit sharing program where you give them a % (percentage) of purchases made from the webinar.

Tip #7 – Promotions within thought leadership articles.

Another forgotten area is that you can be cross-promoting your webinars with inside your thought leadership articles on your blog. The way to do is this via eye-catching promotion images which are clickable and lead people to the landing pages. Don’t forget these are going to be time-sensitive so you will need to remove them once the webinar is over.  

Bonus Tip – Run a mini social media campaign after the webinar

Now that your webinar has ended that doesn’t mean you must finish taking advantage of all the hard work you have put into pulling this webinar together.

Add a mini social media campaign saying sorry to the audience about missing the webinar and lead them to the recording of the webinar. You’re be surprised how many more people will sign up to watch the recording.

So, are you ready to promote your webinar?

These are the steps that we live by when we run webinar campaigns for our clients so we hope that you find them useful.



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