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  • Jon Rivers

7 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Twitter Traffic

We see, even today with the right strategy in place for B2B prospecting Twitter is still relevant. But how do make sure you continue to have steady stream traffic coming from Twitter.

Here are seven little tricks to help you make sure get the most traffic as possible from Twitter:

Trick #1 – Add your Website URL to Twitter Description

Look at adding your website URL to your Twitter description as people review your profile you make it easy for them to visit your website. If you have a long URL you could look utilizing a URL shortener to reduce the number of characters. But make still make it readable.

Trick #2 – Look to include links in your messages

One of the simplest ways to drive traffic to your website is to share engaging content like blogs, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers – especially if the recipient feels that there is value in what you’re offering. But don’t overdo it, try to mix up your updates (messages) where you don’t have any links.

Trick #3 – Increase only with relevant followers

One mistake a lot of people worry about is having lots of followers, but that’s not necessarily always the case to drive more traffic. I believe it better to have only the followers if less who are really interested in what you and your business have to offer. When you have followers, who are engaged they are more likely to click on your links to your content and if the like the content then they will either like or share with their followers. If you want to find out who your most relevant followers or even who your biggest influencers are you can use a tool like By knowing this information, it gives you the opportunity to get them to retweet you, which in turn will help grow traffic but also, we help with building you as an influencer as well.

Trick #4 – Include hashtags in your messages

Maybe hashtags are not the most significant source of traffic directly but indirectly they allow your tweets to be found easier thus helping you gain more followers that leads to more traffic. When adding hashtags try not overdo as it makes the messages un-readable and a turn-off. Limit them to 2-4 hashtags per message.

Trick #5 – Repeat and recycle messages

A mistake many people/companies make is they tweet about a blog or eBook once and hope that they will gain traffic. Wrong! With Twitter, updates have a limited lifespan. Yes, they are still out there if people search, but most people do not do that.

Marketing studies debate the “right ways” to calculate the effective frequency. You hear some say repeating the message at least three works, while others believe the seven times rule works better. One study on audio messages concluded you needed 6 and 20. I think that you continue repeating/recycling your message as long as it’s not the only message until the statistics say it is not working anymore or the content is no longer relevant.

Also, take into consideration when you tweet the message. Was it the right day and/or time to engage your audience? To help you, we recommend that you use an automation tool to help you schedule your tweets, so you don’t become bogged down with entering manually. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite work perfectly well with this process, but there are many others as well so find the one that works best for you or if you don’t want to manage your social media then look to outsource to an agency that focuses in your domain.

Trick #6 – Engage, Engage

Sitting back and watch doesn’t work on social networks but engaging does, and the more you engage, the higher your chances you will increase your traffic. I’ve used this trick repeatedly and one of the key ones I used when I started on Twitter, and it’s still relevant today. By sharing and retweeting others incases people who don’t follow you, you are opening the door to gaining new followers, building up your influence and of course increase your chances of more traffic. Another offshoot of retweeting other people you increase your chances of being retweet back as well, there it continues, more reach, more traffic. To help you manage new people you’re trying to gain as new followers you can look at utilizing Twitter Lists and using tools like TweetDeck.

Trick #7 – Share the same URL but not the same message

If you’re someone who is very active on Twitter, you could add this into your strategy. Or at least you can utilize it around events like conferences. Look at taking the same URL but changing the message, image, and post on the same day. Possibly looking to build a number of this different message and schedule them at different time through the day and track the results to see how well they did. And then try another day and mix up the times and see what the results were. Once you find your best performing message(s) and times you know when to do Trick #5.

Do you have any favorite tricks that have helped you better results on Twitter that we can share with our audience?



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