Dynamic Communities

Dynamic Communities, Inc.
Microsoft Dynamics User Group Association


Marketing Goals: 

  • Increase user group membership numbers and revenue

  • Leverage the social momentum created by Microsoft within the community


  • Relied heavily on outbound email marketing for member recruitment

  • Missing opportunities to leverage existing content to attract prospects

  • Unable to consistently manage social channel activities at the frequency required

Services Delivered:                                                                                                                             

  • Developed a manageable, easy to execute on social media strategy

  • Recruited desirable Twitter followers and initiated social engagements

  • Created social messaging content

  • Supported onsite “social squad’ to provide live event coverage

  • Introduced new social channels for niche groups (i.e., GPUG Academy)


  • An increased network of followers on Twitter across user group accounts

  • Strengthened brand awareness of niche user groups

  • Built sustainable infrastructure to support social growth

  • Implemented best practice processes for successful internal management

“DCI is grateful to Marketing Monarchs for enhancing their learning experiences of the User Group communities through its social marketing and for growing their user group social reach within the community.” - Janet Lampert, President, and COO at Dynamic Communities, Inc