Australian-based IT Services Company


Marketing Goal: 

  • Secure maximum attendance for the company’s lunch and learn event for targeted prospects

  • Leverage social media to engage the target audience and elevate event awareness


  • Short, 6 weeks promotional and recruitment period

  • No streamlined process for social publishing, monitoring, and reporting

  • Lacked internal expertise on social media management

Services Delivered:

  • Crafted event recruitment messaging across multiple social platforms

  • A created 6-week editorial calendar

  • Set up Hootsuite Pro account to connect all social channels

  • Researched and located the target audiences on each social platform


  • Streamlined and simplified social activities to increase process efficiency

  • Better tracking and analytics to measure ROI

  • Internal staff trained on social best practices

  • 120% growth of Twitter followers in just the first 2 weeks of reporting

  • 25% of event attendees registered via social promotion​