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  • Jon Rivers

The Partner Channel Magazine - Spring Cleaning for Dynamics Content Marketers

When we talk about “Spring cleaning” it conjures up myriad images: airing out the house, hanging bright new curtains, getting rid of piles of junk that somehow accumulated all Winter, and maybe, just maybe, finding an old treasure in the attic that we completely forgot we ever had. But now that we’ve found it, we’re going to dust off the cobwebs and actually make use of it again!

For Microsoft Dynamics content marketers, Spring cleaning is much the same. It’s the perfect time to clean up your files, review your content plan with fresh eyes, create new content, and dust the cobwebs off some old, long-forgotten treasures that can be refreshed and re-purposed to your advantage.

There are essentially three types of content that you should be including in your plan: Original, re-purposed, and syndicated. Best practices would suggest that 60% of your content should be original while the remainder can equally divided between re-purposed (20%) and syndicated content (20%). These are general guidelines, not dictates.

Let’s take a glance at how this might look from the bottom up.

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