How many times a day should I be posting on my social media channels?

You’re going to hate our answer because there isn’t one answer for everyone. The most important thing you can do is start analyzing your social media results each month, so you better understand how what and why people are engaging with you. Once you understand, you can better understand the number of times you need to be posting. Still, need help?  Contact us (as that’s what we are here for).

What times of the day should I be posting to my social media channels?

This question is similar to how many times a day should I post to my social media channels because each company will find its audience will engage differently. But there are tools like Audiense, Circleboom, Followerwonk, and Keyhole to name a few that will analyze your followers and recommend the best times your audience is online and engaging. Still, need help?  Contact us, and we analyze your account for free and let you know when is the best time to post.

What social media platform should I be using?

We strongly recommend that you research your audience to see where they are engaging. Another trick is to look at your competitors and see what social media channels are the most active for them.

Do I connect my Twitter account to Facebook, LinkedIn, and let them auto-tweet for me?

A sounding NO. That is unless you want to come across to your audience as an amateur who doesn’t understand social and doesn’t realize each social media channel needs to be used differently.

Should I stop using social media as it’s not making me any money or driving leads?

Humbug! Where do we start? Social Media ROI is more than bottom-dollar sales. Let’s talk more so we can explain why it’s important to you. Call us.

We are not getting engagements and interactions with our posts?

There could be many things going on here from the type of message you’re putting out, not including imagery that’s engaging the audience, not having the right CTA (Call to action) that’s getting the audience to participate. Call us and let us do a quick free evaluation for you.

Do I outsource social media or hire someone in-house?

Good question. When you hire an employee you’re not only having to pay their wages but also their taxes, benefits, training, and more. Now when you hire an agency like Marketing Monarchs, it becomes more cost-effective because you get a whole team instead of one person, and those people are always on the leading edge of what is happening in social media, so giving you the best results. We are more happy to provide you with 30-minutes of our time to discuss how develop a social media campaign for you.