An Unexpected Beginning

In 2015, entrepreneur and social media expert Jon Rivers started Marketing Monarchs after a change in his career and finding his calling.


Prior to starting Marketing Monarchs, Jon had spearheaded the growth of a well-known Microsoft Dynamics ISV’s partner channel. Using the marketing expertise and growth mentality, Jon has developed Marketing Monarchs into the top digital marketing agency it is today.


How’d he do it?

By focusing Marketing Monarchs vision and using the aptitudes he recommends to others within his own business model.


His strategy was to turn Marketing Monarchs into the business-changing agency with a holistic approach to digital marketing that integrates every aspect of the modern brand-building, from organic social to PPC to content marketing and paid social ads.


Marketing Monarchs has grown into a full team of technology expert marketers who understand and share Jon’s understanding of the industry, vision, and passion for the channel their service.

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Jon Rivers

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